Demi Lovato Tour 2016 – Two For The Price Of One!

The future truly is now! Two musicians who are also great friends will be heading out on the Demi Lovato tour 2016 in short order! Nick Jonas will be co-headlining these shows along with the above-mentioned diva. You can expect to see tons of new material from Demi’s latest release “Confident”, and Nick’s album which is self-titled and was released in 2014. This is an excellent opportunity to see two amazing singers in the same night. They aren’t going to start performing until the summer time, so now is a great chance for you to purchase your tickets.

News of these concerts just came out while this pair of artists was on good morning America back on October 26. They have been business partners for quite a while, and they are obviously great friends for much longer than that. Each of them has been out alone trying to grow their fan base, and now coming together and going on a joint tour will be a great opportunity for both of them to continue to expand both personally and professionally.

Lovato just put out what is her fifth professionally released album of her career called confident. It just came out a few months ago on October 16. Recently she was being interviewed by entertainment weekly, and her tour mate dropped hints that he would be putting out a new album in the near future. We may see a get released before or during their upcoming joint shows. There’s also a strong possibility that you will get to see material from Nick Jonas that has never before been released or performed on stage. So if you are one of his fans, this will be a great opportunity to hear all new tracks that no one has heard yet.

Tickets have already gone on sale for the general public, but before that if you were a part of their fan clubs or if you had a Citibank card, you had the chance to get tickets before the crowds got in. For the rest of us we would just have to purchase tickets to the normal routes. The first show is going to happen on June 24 in sunrise Florida. And as of right now the final date is planned to take place in Los Angeles on September 17. The duo is going to be hitting 44 cities before they are through.

A special point of interest among fans regarding these upcoming shows is the price of the VIP package. It costs a whopping $10,000 and the thing that shocked most of the fans is that this outrageous price does not include a ticket to actually see the show! Most of the time these sorts of arrangements let everyone involved come away a winner, but in this case the crowds feel like they are getting shortchanged. Usually the artist gets to make some money and fans get personal access to their favorite stars. In this case though they don’t actually get to see the show if they buy a VIP package! That’s an additional expense if they want to attend the concert!

Hopefully the people behind the Demi Lovato tour 2016 will see the light and realize that including some tickets to the show isn’t going to be too big of a concession for these fans shelling out the big bucks. If you want to go backstage in the Nick Jonas and Demi, this VIP package will allow you to do so. You’ll also be able to bring along three guests for four people in total, and you will have your own personal, private dressing room. Both of the stars will actually come to your dressing room & items of your choosing take pictures with you and talk with you and your group for a bit. Not a bad deal at all, but access to the actual show itself would definitely sweeten the deal.

This is a great chance for you to see to rising stars play all of their hit the fan favorites. If you’ve got the cash you can even have a conversation with them in person and get tons of other extras!